Benefits of IWQA Membership

  • LEGAL SERVICES PLAN: This plan provides members with the ability to get back their investment in dues many times over. Every IWQA Member is entitled to one free telephone or electronic consultation per month with any of the attorneys of Dunlevey, Mahan and Furry. This firm specializes in Business Law.

  • NEWSLETTER: IWQAs newsletter highlights Association activities, upcoming events, and featured articles on industry related topics.

  • FAX AND EMAIL BULLETINS: These Bulletins brings industry news to our members between newsletter issues. It also provides valuable industry information in a condensed format so you can get up to the date fast, and use the information immediately!

  • ANNUAL CONVENTION AND TRADESHOW: Each year IWQA holds its Annual Convention and Tradeshow. The Convention features seminars specifically geared to the Water Quality Industry and a Trade Show featuring all of the latest water quality products and services.

  • PERIODICAL TOPICAL SEMINARS: In addition to the seminar schedule offered at the Annual Convention, IWQA offers seminars via the web throughout the year on topics such as Safety, Sales Tax, etc.

  • ANNUAL GOLF OUTING: This event, held in conjunction with the Convention and Trade Show each year, shows that business can be pleasure. This opportunity for a great day of golf and lots of prizes is made even more valuable by the added chance to build social relationships with your colleagues from the water quality industry.

  • LEGISLATIVE: IWQA is ready to represent your interest at the State level and is monitoring both legislative and administrative issues.

  • WEBSITE: The website is a key item in our ongoing program to promote our IWQA Member Contractors. This web site is not only designed to help the water quality customer find an IWQA Member in their area, it is also designed to help you, the dealer, stay informed about current issues that affect your business, as well as providing access to contractor services and product suppliers.

  • FULL TIME ASSOCIATION STAFF: IWQA Members receive the service of a full time staff; ready to give direct answers to your questions or to find the source with the answers you ne need.


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